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Digital drafting table

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Never before has an engineer been able to transmit to the personal computer actual working drawings as they are being created on a drafting table. To date, the engineer must scan a completed rendering. The digital drafting table will eliminate the original methods. In addition, a network of the digital drafting table in a classroom environment will enable a teacher to oversee a student

1. The "Digital Drafting Table", is a technical utility tool for architects and engineers to input original working drawings into the personal computer environment by way of an X-Y axis devise built into the table that reads the coordinates plotted by the user with an electronic pencil. In essence, the digital drafting table will enable the user to simultaneously create an original design content and a digital reproduction in real time.

It is intended that there will be the incorporation, in the upper right hand corner of the table, one electronic mechanical pencil recharging unit. The recharging unit obtains its power from a typical AC electrical cord. The recharging units purpose is to recharge the power needed to run the electronic mechanical pencil. This mechanical pencil is a typical reusable lead type mechanical pencil, which features an electronic beam that transmits coordinates to the X/Y axis receiver when activated by the pressure sensitive tip. The electronic mechanical pencil is a wireless device. the coordinate receiver can be connected to the PC via serial port.

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