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Existing stairwell lighting in high rise buildings operate 24 hours/day 365 days/year. The invention permits these lighting systems to be shut off when the stairwell is unoccupied and will simultaneously turn on low wattage LEDs to provide low level lighting during unoccupied periods. . The typical stairwell fixture contains either one or two fluorescent lamps. The Stairwell Lighting Energy Saver allows the lamp(s) in this fixture to be shut off while simultaneously lighting the stairwell and landing with low level LED lights. No one wants to turn off lights completely in emergency or fire stairs. This invention provides an LED backup lighting system of very low wattage that will provide soft illumination in the stairwell when it is unoccupied. This occupancy sensor mounts through a knockout on an existing fixture, generally, a one or two lamp fluorescent light fixture. When motion is not detected it will turn off this fixture. Simultaneously LED lights installed on the sensor itself will turn on providing low wattage low level lighting so the stairwell is not dark. This is accomplished by the use of a relay incorporated into the device.
This invention is an improvement on what currently exists. There are no sensors presently marketed for retrofit of existing stairwell light fixtures, only new dual-level fixtures that provide both high level lighting (when occupied) and low level lighting (when unoccupied).

Financial information

We are looking to license this device with royalties to a manufacturer of lighting occupancy sensors who have the ability to manufacture and market the product. The market for a device that can be installed on existing stairwell fluorescent lighting fixtures is world-wide and includes millions of existing high rise commercial and residential buildings. The terms of the license are negotiable.

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