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[Category : - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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A snowboard tether for supporting a snowboard during a chair-lift ride and permitting the user to harness his or her back foot to the snowboard during the course of the chair-lift ride. A fastener attached to the snowboard allows the user to connect a strap to the fastener prior to sitting upon the chair-lift. The user may then attach the strap to the chair-lift, causing the strap to support the rear of the snowboard and permitting the user to exert downward force with his or her foot upon the rear binding of the snowboard. The fastener incorporates a storage container.

Financial information

Looking for either out right sale or license royaltes. Think about this next time your in a snowboard shop look at all the snowboards they all look the same except for colour and size. The differences in construction are only a guess. If there was one board that had something different and would allow the owner to make boarding more convienent then that is the board that will sell!!!

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