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Colloidal cleaning system

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Cleaning formulations, methods, and systems are effective, mild, and non-hazardous. Embodiments of the cleaning formulation comprise a fatty acid, a saponifier, a water conditioner, a solvent, a nonionic surfactant, and an anionic surfactant. Some embodiments also optionally additives. Embodiments are particularly effective for cleaning concrete.

Product Overview:

The special role of One Shot Plus+ (One Shot Plus) active cleaning and degreasing product in the modern environmental arena make utilization of this product essential to maintain a high quality of life. Environmental chemistry has evolved and has become a vital discipline of today's world. Environmental Chemistry is an exciting arena that permits application of colloidal properties to one of the greatest challenges we face today- the maintenance and enhancement of quality of our environment.

One Shot Plus is a colloid active compound that is people safe, animal safe, environmentally safe, ecologically safe, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive, non-fuming and One Shot Plus is also hypo-allergenic. One Shot Plus is a homogeneous blend of active inorganic colloidal particles with vegetable fatty acid based alkanolamidides (a non-ionic surfactant with alcohol groups which are partially esterifide with fatty acid), sequestering compounds and hyper-wetting agents that become super active when processed together. One Shot Plus cleaning action is very unique and can be compared to the reaction of atoms in an atomic explosion, where ceaseless random movement of atoms takes place. It shakes, lifts separates and traps the hydrocarbon molecules in a suspension where they are broken down and not allowed to regroup.

The structured deactivation technology in the One Shot Plus allows for oils, proteins and some microbes to result in an instantaneous reaction between emulsifier and reactive colloid particles, which are present in the amorphous interior. The result becomes a colloidal honeycomb interior that produces sub microns permanently separated and trapped as well as further engaged in a three (3) dimensional degradation process within the mixture.

The unique action of One Shot Plus on three (3) extremely important functional properties of colloids.

1. Giant surfaces of the colloidal particles within One Shot Plus readily accept oxygen and promote the reduction/decomposition process with minimum oxygen consumed.

2. Colloidal particles within One Shot Plus actively absorb ultraviolet and ozone from the surface environment thus producing strong reactive hydroxyl groups that assist in the process.

3. The luminous properties of the One Shot Plus colloidal particles further stimulate the photon induction process.

All of these unusual and complex functional properties of the One Shot Plus compound promote the 'product's biodegradability, making it environmentally safe and inert, thus returning the completed process back to nature. Acting like microscopic air hammers, the micelles in the One Shot Plus chip away at hydro carbons and protein particles with consequent separation from the surface interface. Since One Shot Plus colloidal micelles are relatively small structures (about one ten millionth of a centimeter in size), they ,have a unique ability to break down oils, proteins and dirt to a colloidal size, allowing them to be micro dissolved or emulsified within the One Shot Plus. Once broken down by the solution these tiny remnants are no longer able to break free from the solution and they cannot redeposit on the surface being cleaned; thus creating a unique hygienic cleaning agent that is ideal for cleaning surfaces that must be absolutely cleaned.

One Shot Plus Cleaner - Degreaser is safe on anything that is safe in water. It can be used is any form of fresh water or salt water. It contains no phosphates, nitrates, NTA, enzymes, sulfates, sulfonates, caustics or other known pollutants.

One Shot Plus is completely Environmentally, Ecologically, People and Animal Safe as it carries a NSF Certification as well as a Green Clean Certifications. It is also non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-explosive and One Shot Plus is Hypo-Allergenic.


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Financial information

Due to the untimely and unfortunate passing of the Company’s founder, this patent is being sold by order of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange.


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