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nVolt, multi-phase generator w/ magnetic pulse motor regulator.

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Redesigned electric generator with a magnetic pulse motor regulator that will translate rotational or pendulum motion to wattage output. Varying the size will vary the output and regulations.

The redesign of the electric generator allows for internal control of individual coils while maximizing the magnetic field absorption. Controlling the active coils will allow for increased power conversion at extreme energy input condition and regulates conversion at lower energy input. The pulse motor regulator will ensure the product will continue to convert energy so long as its allowed to freely move.

The scale ability of the design allows for multi-platform applications. The redundancy of the internals of the electric generator design will allow for energy conversion with pendulum motion, coupled with the pulse motor will ensure consistent/increasing motion.

The nVolt is designed to change the way we look at energy conversion. nVolt is designed to capture as much energy as possible.

For a better understanding of the internal generator design please see patent.

Financial information

Patent for sale.

The target market:
all portable device users (roughly 6 billion in the world)
countries with limit access to established electricity

Potential applications:
Large scale:
pendulum motor energy generator
wave energy conversion
marine energy capture
Medium scale:
home energy conversion (wind)
recharging bicycle pedal assist
hydro-energy conversion
Small scale:
portable electronic charging
battery pack charging

Patents available in US, EU, China, and others.
Small scale product functionality testing completed, developed with scale-ability.

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