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[Category : - Appliances and houseware]
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The clothing iron holder with water reservoir (10) is a protective accessory for use with a clothing iron (12) or the like. The holder (10) includes a water reservoir (16) and is sized and shaped to receive a clothing iron (12). The holder (10) has an opening (30) for releasably covering the iron.

A clothing iron holder that can prevent injury and household damage when using a clothing iron.

The enclosed website consists of a visual presentation & virtual prototype to clearly convey how important this invention can be to a consumer who uses a clothing iron, and also click on the actual patent numbers on the website to see the official patent documents.
The virtual prototype on the website is a generic representation.

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The Clothing Iron Holder without the Water Reservoir - US Patent No. 8,448,359 B2
is a continuation-in-part (CIP) of US Patent No. 8,051,589 B2

Reasons To Acquire Sale

The invention “ Clothing Iron Holder with Water Reservoir ” is a padded, heat resistant, water exit port plug, & color coded temperature gauge covering wherein sits the clothing irons.

(1) This is an opportunity that should become actualized, due to the reason being; there are multitudes of people that always personally touch their clothing iron to feel if it is hot enough to iron before using - causing hand burns. The invention has a visual color coded temperature gauge that will eliminate that problem.

(2) People bump into their ironing boards causing the clothing iron to fall upon the ironing board or floor which causes the hot water inside to spill everywhere; even on the person feet & leg area causing burns, or upon small children that linger around under the ironing board near their parent feet. It can also be a fire hazard, or can cause damage to flooring. The invention is designed to plug the water exit point on clothing irons, & the fire resistance material within padded area helps eliminate fire potential.

(3) A parent can cover and attach this product to their hot clothing iron and walk away without fear of small children grabbing their heated iron and getting burned if the ironing is being done at lower levels - Ex. floor ironing, coffee table, etc... .

(4) The iron cover is also a padded design for use on clothing irons with or without the water usage compartment which can help keep the iron metal contact plate itself from being damaged if it falls off the ironing board.

(5) The material (ex: silicone or current related material) to make the actual simple type clothing iron product should be inexpensive to develop & mass produce.

(6) It can be sold or licensed to clothing iron giants as an accessory with personal clothing irons that are sold from them (yours can be the first & only company to do so), or it can be sold separately in stores for various type of clothing irons (starting with the top saleable clothing irons consumers buy).

(7) The clothing iron holder with or without the water reservoir usage can be easily attached to a clothing iron for traveling purposes.

(8) The majority of consumers I spoke with would readily buy this product when it becomes available, not to mention the millions of other clothing iron users that have not yet seen this potential product.

(9) Consumers themselves have many more reasons to want to purchase this unique innovation.

(10) Overall; a great idea to implement.

For acquisition; please send your proposal(s) to

Michael I. Kroll
Attorney at Law
80 Skyline Drive, Suite 304
Plainview , New York 11803
Tel: 800-367-7774
Tel: 516-367-7777
Fax: 800-367-7999
Fax: 516-802-0510
Email: patent@invention [dot] net

For general inquiries; you can contact the owner below.

Sky Adams

direct via... website

Email. ouranos2k@yahoo [dot] com

Financial information

This invention is for Sale or Licensing as stated, and the economical & financial information acquired would be based on individual research & actual sales rendered by potential buyers or potential licensees, therewith; it has excellent market potential based on the fact that millions of clothing iron users within this targeted market would need this type of device as invented.

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