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Alcoholic Beverage can be Less Harmful & Safe For Liver

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An Alcoholic Beverage (Beer/Wine/Spirit/Whisky/Rum/Vodka etc.) can be Less Harmful And Safe For Liver. (Formula for Sale)

We have made a wine (suppose its name is ‘Doctor’s Advice’) which is less harmful and largely safe for liver and stomach. It is similar to current brands and it has no different color and odor. Only, this wine is enriched with specific herbal power in subtle quantity, to remove the harmful effect of wine.

But we have to keep in our mind that even taking an essential food or drink can be extremely harmful in an excessive quantity.

Wine drinking is one of the big problems of our society. Whatsoever be clamor– against wine drinking, it’s not so easy to stop drinking. Except it, a large amount of revenue is collected by Government from wine.
Then, if we can make it harmless or less harmful, that will be not bad.

Our new invented wine is the only solution of that problem. Any branded wine can be changed into a ‘Doctor’s Advice’ * wine. Just blend it with our specific herbal power.

I am a vast experienced doctor of Alternative Medicines. I have tested this wine many times and have gotten very good result. After drinking this wine, all reported me that they were feeling better and they had no uneasiness. Their health complains had been removed largely after one month.


It has a Big Market all over World.
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Financial information

To make a suitable fund for our Human Development program, we have decided to sell our intellectual properties. We hope you will extend your helping hands to make it possible. Thank you.
To know about our Human Development program, please go through Google search= MahaManan / MahaDharma / MahaVad / MahaManas

Outright sale, Price- $500000 (Negotiable)
A confidentiality agreement can be arranged .

Product Code: MahaEndeavor-2013-06-4

Payment Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),

Western Union, Other (Recommended).

Price: 500000 USD

Delivery Time: Cash on Delivery

On offer:
A Non Patented Innovation
A Non Patented Invention
A Non Patented Idea

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By email: [Use the button below to contact me]

The advertiser can hold a conversation in the following language(es): Bengali and Hindi.

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