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Dynamic rear wing

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A fixed rear wing or spoiler 1 such as for a racing car comprises an aerofoil 2 which is attached at either side to hydraulic pistons 3. The aerofoil 2 is mounted in a bearing unit 4 on either side. The aerofoil 2 can therefore be extended or contracted preferably under the control of the driver of the car through means of the braking system. The action of the hydraulic pistons 3 operates the aerofoil 2 to be angled up to create maximum downforce when required. There may be a plurality of aerofoils 2 which are all operated at the same time. The dynamic wing can preferably be fitted to any type of fixed rear wing on any type of racing car.

Financial information

I am looking for a company who could take my patent further, to prototype, market and sell! I am offering 50% of all futre profits or if prefered an outright sale could be agreed.
Market potential is huge, Ultimateley Formula 1, many racing teams to approach.

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