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A portable handheld power planer guide

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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A portable handheld power planer guide 10 comprises a carriage 20 for carrying a power planer 30, and at least one guide rail 40 for guiding movement of the carriage across a workpiece 50. The carriage may comprise a rod 25 for attaching the planer to the carriage. The guide rail may be clamped to a workpiece by clamp means 60, and may include a spacer 70 for spacing a sliding surface of the guide from the workpiece. One of the carriage and the at least one guide rail may include a slot 95, which engages a sliding member for moving along the slot. Two guide rails may be provided (see figure 3). The workpiece may be a door. A height adjustable support 110 may be provided for supporting a portion 34 of the planer body.

Financial information

I seek to sell my Patent outright. It has a worldwide potential. The product can reduce the time it takes to hang any door, including fire doors, Time will reduce from an average of 40 minutes to less than 10 minutes. this will effectively reduce labour costs by 75% and if you are fitting several doors potentially a great deal of money. See video

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