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Beverage cup/mug that is SAFER to enjoy beverages while driving

[Category : - Food- Travelling articles- Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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If you have ever enjoyed a cup of coffee while driving a car then you know that as you tip the cup back, the cup is actually blocking your vision. This momentary lapse of vision can cause you to have an accident.

I have designed a cup/mug that no longer blocks the user’s view even as they reach the bottom of the cup. You will no longer have to raise this cup/mug to a height that blocks your view while operating dangerous machinery such as a vehicles, vessels, or any other means of transportation while traveling. This could turn into a Government contract or other major coffee and beverage vendors/retailers.

This design holds a Patent Pending status (US 61808932) therefore I do not want to spill the entire beans of the design until a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been established. I can tell you that the cup/mug design has several variations allowing for the buyer to purchase the cup/mug style of their choice and still have the benefits of the design and the safety factors that will minimize being distracted by a blocked view.

Financial information

I am looking for manufactures to help get this off the ground. There are many avenues to approach with this design such as coffee mugs sold at retails stores, gas stations, and coffee shops to name a few.

Using my design for disposable cups sold by corporations that already sell beverages:

MacDonald’s sells 10 Million cups of coffee world wide each day. Most of these are sold through the drive thru to customers intending on driving while sipping on their coffee. Imagine the profit margin from just one vendor. Don’t forget Starbucks and the other major players. This cup/mug design is NOT just for coffee. I have both hot and cold beverages in mind.

In 2007, 2.5 bln cups => 6,850,000/day.
In 2010 extrapolated 3 bln cups => 8,200,000/day

Serious inquiries only please

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