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Smart Wireless Mesh Network Technology

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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Best-in-class Complete Wireless Synchronous Mesh Network Technology
Available for licensing or M&A
20 km communication range
Applicable to smart grid, city-wide wireless coverage, emergency coverage, telecom subsystems, enterprise applications, island country coverage

Network Construction As Simple As Layer 2 Ethernet Switches – Transparent Technology

Distributed Routing Technology
Robust Networking Capability

High Bandwidth Capacity

Frequency Band: 5.8/3.5 GHz etc.
Channel Width: 20 MHz
Range: 20 km
Modulation Rate: 6—54 Mbps
Encryption: AES-128 for all wireless links
Weight: ≤10 kg
Power: ≤20 W
Input Voltage: DC 24 V

Directional Time Division Multiple Access Protocol
Maximizing space domain and frequency domain with smart antenna array
Low bandwidth deterioration after multiple hops
Capable of large-scale network deployment
Half the cost of systems of similar capabilities

Financial information

Fully developed; ready to manufacture
Complete Know-How Ready For Transfer or M&A

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