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Pocketbook with interchangeable covers

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles]
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A handbag system comprised of 2 reversible, stackable, interchangeable covers, giving the wearer 5-looks-in-one. The wearer can change the 'look' of the handbag without ever having to change out the contents of the inside of the handbag. This handbag system solves the problem of never forgetting an essential item such as a cell phone, house key or store receipt in the prior bag when switched. This handbag system also solves the problem of precious luggage space when traveling since the covers can be stacked within themselves on the handbag and the wearer can have 5 looks right on her shoulder, never wasting luggage space for having to pack 5 separate handbags! The benefit of this handbag system saves time and money. Change the look of your handbag in seconds and save money by never having to purchase a multitude of handbags to achieve different looks.

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