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[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Lawn and Garden]
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below's script is translated by this patent owner temporarily.

this patent is invention concerned that make possible to prevent vinyl house from freezing (by heating and by giving the warm air into the vinyl house) and to remove the snow(heavy snow by big snow falling in a moment) filed up on roof by lifting and descending the plate of roof in a moment. and the snow and the rain can be reused for agriculture or make to leak to under-surface of earth.

본 발명은 비닐하우스의 지붕을 경사지게 설치하여 눈, 비가 이 경사에 의해 적체되지 않고 곧바로 제거될 수 있으며, 순간 적설량이 많아 지붕에 눈이 적체될 시에는 지붕의 일측을 승, 하강시켜 그 각도를 조절함으로써 적체된 눈을 하측으로 떨어뜨려 제거함과 동시에 제거된 눈은 발열부재에 의해서 해빙처리되어 지하로 흘려버리거나 저장해 두었다가 농업용수로 재활용할 수 있으며, 해빙에 사용되는 발열부재로 공기를 데워 비닐하우스 내부로 공급함으로써 냉해피해를 방지할 수 있도록 한 제설기능이 구비된 비닐하우스에 관한 것이다.

Financial information

refer to that this patent can be used for various usage.

automated agriculture complex.
simple residencies on wide forest.
scientific experimental usage.
...and the more you imagine

this patent is limited in south korea.

wholsale or other form of bargain available


the general houses are very difficult and sometimes very dangerous to build.
so i imagined that the vinyl house can be substituted the general house.
and it need to be more easy to build in some country. and

high technology can give the vinyl house the function and good quality
it can be more convenient to avoid the disastrous "wind's terror - typoon or hurrycane' the vinyl house can have function to fold into small size in a moment .

and the residents can evacuate to safe shelter temporarily.
funiture and the thing can be protected through fast and easy process.
and the vinyl house can have more good quality to be seen more good.
colorful so on too.
in some country. this patent can be used properly.
it can give more good sanitary to majority by comparably more easy process

(below's drawn picture) is drawn by assumption that person live in vinyl house and protectiing the household estalishments structure.

sky color part is made to be filled with rain-fall, the upper part of the sky color part float on water when disaster is not come and fixed with the blue color support.

if typoon or hurrycane is passing by and person need to evacuate to safe shelter, the person must un lock support and bleach the water tank, so the household establishment will go down safely.

and vinyl house must fold down into small size .

the person examine the flood gate and near waterway , and evacuate.

if you are interested in this patent.

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