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Air and Water Machine

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This is a design patent for an Air and Water machine. This machine features a stain-less steel housing (upper cabinet) that is 1/8" thicker than the leading competitor as well as a stain-less steel base (lower cabinet) which prevents rusting and most stains, keeping machines looking new and extending it working life.
The machine also features a separate coin vault, 1/4" steel separating the inner mechanics and revenue box. The reason for this is to allow machine owners / appointed personnel access to revenue without allowing access to maintenance staff, effectively making this machine fraud proof. The machines separate revenue container also allows for a new way of doing business.
Completely loaded with all the newest operation equipment!

More information available upon request.
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Financial information

Looking for either an outright sale or license with royalties.
while many other Air and Water machines have been sold this is the only Air and Water machine that has been patented.
This particular design has not been sold but, has been used to test its integration in the aforementioned "new way of doing business".
The market potential for these machines is great! There are currently 5 US states that require and Air and Water machine at every gas station by law, with others starting to realize the importance of these machines and their role in road / driver safety.
the machine can be manufactured for $1500 (Completely loaded with all the newest operation equipment!) while similar machines built by competitors sell in the range of $2600-$3100. This allows for large profits(in some cases 66%)per machine while still undercutting competition.

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