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Adjustable power outlet

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A power outlet includes a housing that has walls sized and shaped for defining a rectilinear and longitudinal length. A front wall is provided with equidistantly spaced and coextensive tracks extending parallel to each other and traveling along a major portion of the front wall. Coextensive electrical sockets are partially positioned within the housing and include front faces exposed from the front wall for receiving power cords from the auxiliary loads respectively. A mechanism is included for independently positioning the electrical sockets along the tracks respectively such that the electrical sockets can be slidably guided between opposite ends of the housing. An external power cord is directly mated to the electrical sockets for supplying power thereto.

The outlet will also contain cable outlets, USB inputs, LED lighting systems, and up to 9 additional outlets to be used. The options for the receptacle can be customized by owner to accommodate the need for the outlet leaving endless possibilities for configuration. Also because the receptacle well enclosed in its own housing it promotes safety by putting the receptacle out of the reach of children.

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