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CPPPV Flaying cars technology

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Keeping in mind that all the stated ambition to produce flying cars , here's a chance to get started , purchase a patent on the technology .
It is a centripetal process of production drive a car, not painting , drawing , rather than generating a drive cars.
Which takes place at centripetal inertia motors , in response to cyclic , programmed , centripetal acceleration - rectilinear , permanently embedded sample (M1 ) , with a maximum radius , to its own axis of rotation , in the opposite direction of the variable , and after passing the maximum accelerated , said permanently embedded sample mass ( m1 ) , the specified own axis of rotation , and in response to cyclic , programmed , centripetal - straight line deceleration , said permanent built-in sample mass ( m1 ) , said its axis of rotation , equivalent to the maximum radius , the same variable direction with respect to the direction of the production facility transportations , converting some form of energy into mechanical work .
Well production facility transportations does not depend on the physical, chemical , aggregate change state mass media in which that is where the transportations is ( about to rain, snow , wind, ice , temperature, pressure , air density , etc. .. ) , or quantitative changes of state of mass media stored in the starting weight of the shuttle , ( the amount of rocket fuel stored in the shuttle ) .
To the question , and where I am with the above procedure met " ? " The answer is :
I believe that you are all at least one time in my life , sped up , slowed simultaneous axis of orbital rotation (axis kp . ) , same key , above permanently embedded sample mass ( M.1 . ) , Which rotates with constant angular velocity , bound on a leash , at a constant radius , based, fingers hands .
So if before the start of the specified acceleration , said axis kp . rotation , make a full circle with a key , and select a tangential point , xy axis . rotation , on the periphery of the circle , circular orbits , and dragging a line through it , and to speed up her fingers hands , you'll see why the stated axis xy . rotation , in fact accelerate , " because in the same period of time INVEST greater amount of energy, and the above mentioned KEY remains to circulating WITH RESPECT TO fingers of the hand , with the same constant value angular velocity , AS MENTIONED BEFORE ACCELERATION " .
It follows that , when you you manage the task of requesting the calculation of the angular acceleration of a point , body mass M1 . , Changing the inertial torque and size of the radius with respect to the xy axis . rotation , you are met with the above example , and you could see that in any assignment is not listed above mass xy axis . rotation , or that is listed xy axis . ICIM is secured to the rotation of the planet Earth , although it noted that the indicated task occurs in laboratory conditions , but it is somewhere "means " precisely ASSUMED !
Well, every task in which the radius of said body over the period of time one of the first cycle , a reduction of more than 30.7 % of the size of the maximum radius of said body , is to generate centripetal process manufacturing facility transportations , as a result of generating simultaneous acceleration axis kp . , A circular path of rotation , in response to the acceleration generated by the said axis XY . rotation .
As in every circular orbit if there is a minimal increase acceleration times specified body mass M1 . , To the said axis xy . rotation , the duration of the tenth twentieth time cycle , the excess of the stated role of energy is always released at least the minimum acceleration above the xy axis . And not fully angular acceleration , navedenene mass M1 . , Key , with respect to the xy axis . rotation .
That is to say that no one has ever answered correctly to the specified task , and that all universities today assume that listed the xy axis of rotation neubrzana , and with some I have so far , in an interview , even the impression , that this university , with " REQUIRED " neubrzanom xy axis of rotation !
And this is the first bit of prejudice or the first bit of the reason for failures of previous attempts at understanding the synthesis solutions mentioned technical problems .
How , asked a technical solution , one of the most important technical problems common manufacturing process plant transportations in the usual inertia motors , simultaneous operation of ciklusnog ie circular motion , said permanent built-in sample mass ( M.1 . ) , With respect to some , the axis of the circular path rotation (axis kp . ) , it is logical to ask that the said axis of rotation of the circular path , ( kp axis . ) , should be to the same extent and direction of accelerated , and a car, which is necessary for the cycling irreversibly invest a certain amount energy !
This is one of the main reasons nuspjeha all previous attempts to solve the above technical problem , the centrifugal force of the axis kp , orbital rotation or angular acceleration of said permanent built-in sample mass ( M.1 . ) , With respect to the aforementioned , the axis of rotation (axis kp . ) , or otherwise called , " Second Law of Thermodynamics ."
Mobility centers solves the problem of supply neubrzane mass or " second law of thermodynamics " , in a way , so as to drive transport vehicles generated in response to the higher stake than the cycling of energy necessary role of power for acceleration, just above the circular path of rotation ( axis kp . ) , In the direction production facility transportations .
It is almost unbelievable randomly calculated unfolding CPPPP program , which addresses only the cycling supplying neubrzane mass and scientifically can not work , because they are it can accelerate the xy axis . rotation , transport vehicles whose mass evivalentna size 0 KGI .
It should be emphasized that at this acceleration generates a driving force of approximately 3000N , approximately 60W of power , and anyway it does not can speed up or gram weight m.2 . transportations .
Accelerated axis kp . rotation , now has accumulated some amount of kinetic energy , say, 5 July , so if you run into a car , over the period 11/20 cycle time , with respect to said axis simultaneous XY. rotation , 2 July liberate the acceleration of the car , and on July 3 , the acceleration of said axis of rotation , to the same extent and direction as the car , with unchanged duration of the cycle of rotation .
And if specified axis kp . rotation stumbles into the car , over the period 15/20 cycle time , all 5 July release the angular acceleration of said permanent built-in sample mass ( M1 ). wrench with respect , to said axis kp . rotation , the cycle time is reduced .
Which is equivalent to said axis deceleration orbital rotation ( axis kp . ) , Nekakovog key , ie, the above permanently embedded sample mass , ( M.1 . ) , Which rotates with constant angular velocity , attached to a lead , at a constant radius , which is based, fingers in the hand .
So if you have done all this without acceleration ( releasing the clutch ) and then deceleration ( by pressing the brake ) , sitting in the car , now currently , at this point you have turned on the lights , swept-back , and keep your foot on the brake , then you know that this is the third important reason all listed and unlisted failure of previous attempts manufacturing facility transportations , cams , vibration , centrifugal force , and angular acceleration of said permanent built-in sample mass M1 .
I guess the car speeds by , the previously released the brake pedal . ?
The essence of the centripetal flow of the manufacturing process operation of transport vehicles is the fact that the said axis kp . , Orbital rotation key , can only accelerate in response to the acceleration of the other opposite axis kp . rotation of the second key .
The solution is contained in an objective analysis , bias , whereby the same looks , explosive , oppositely outward acceleration of two mutually nasupotnih axis kp . rotation , and impozivno - explosive , each one axis acceleration kp . the second rotation axis kp . rotation , and then explosively and outwardly .
In the first case, said axis kp . rotation are mutually opposite accelerate and we could not do anything while in the second case when mutual acceleration one axis kp . to the second rotation axis kp . rotation , slow keys circumferentially with respect to said axis of kp . rotation , in which it can manupilirati peripheral speed of said key , with respect to said axis of kp . rotation or future positions listed simultaneous XY axis . rotation , that is, the role of the programmed energy .
On the way to the role of excess energy manifests angular acceleration specified key , with respect to said axis xy . rotation , and the lack of the role of angular deceleration of said key , with respect to said axis XY . rotation , as specified key while accelerating its axis kp . rotation with respect to the fingers of the hand , remains to be circulating at the same angular velocity , it is necessary to very accurately determine the amount of energy necessary role , his momentum remains unchanged .
Or simply put , hammer thrower at the beginning of the last turn , the najsuprotnijoj point with respect to the direction of hammer throwing , stepping on the oil stain , lost his footing , and instead hammer , ( the key ) , fly to the ground , he ( transport vehicles ) , and hammer ( key ) , end up in the opposite direction , the direction of the hammer throw , and then be referred to the hammer , ( the key ) , instead of the angular speed , angular obziroma slow down with the hammer thrower , ( transport vehicles ) , and it is the whole of your mind .
And this is the fifth important reason why so far no one has succeeded to produce transport vehicles powered by centrifugal force .
For operation of the invention , only the essential software , which is almost unbelievable randomly calculated , say there's bound to get a few times a day at the " lottery " , but to accidentally calculated one functional program 's mobility centers , and this is one of the important reasons , for the sake of which something like this does not in practice .
On the Internet, you can see a lot of attempts , partial success , jumping , movement , slipping , etc. , they all have this oversight is listed first , the reason of failure .
Whatever anyone tells you , be like , like, the general reason , the failure of all previous attempts , with the first reason given is contained in the fact , that the centripetal force drives can generate , in response to the above - centripetal acceleration in a straight line , above the key , ie . permanently embedded sample mass ( M.1 . ) , to the said axis xy . rotation , only the duration of the first 1/20 of the cycle time , due to the fact that , given the key , that is permanently embedded sample mass ( M1 ). , in the specified time period of the first 1/20 of the cycle time , no previously accumulated no previous amount of kinetic energy , which otherwise reduces the size of the drive force generated in the following tens cycle time , and the centripetal force that the drive can generate , in response to , said centripetal - rectilinear deceleration of said key , that is permanently built-in sample mass , ( M.1 . ) , from above the xy axis . rotation , only the duration of the eleventh twentieth cycle time , due to the fact that , given the key , that is permanently embedded sample mass ( M1 ). , in the specified time period eleventh twentieth cycle time , has unchanged amount previously filed kinetic energy , or the size of the centripetal straight line speed , so anyway the centripetal - rectilinear not slow down , even though both angular speeds up to an angular velocity of the cycle.
It should be emphasized that the driving force can be transferred only with respect to said axis simultaneous XY. rotation , as in the transmission with respect to said axis simultaneous kp . rotation reverses kinetic energy , the mechanism that keeps the listed permanently embedded sample mass , the key to a circular orbit .
These are two , the only door to exit energy from the rotating system in the direction of the production facilities of transport vehicles , and through them can pass right amount of energy .
And they have three essential characteristics that the invention should be sent down from heaven theme , everything else you is questionable credibility .
Anyone who thinks that this can be easy , in many ways , and that I have in this article all discovered not familiar with the facts , the program unfolding CPPPP can not invent a classical method attempts , success and failure , but only method of modeling .
If every citizen of the planet got this one prototype , and that the course of his inventions program CPPPP , by her own free will and belief, no one managed to make a functional prototype , and this is one of the reasons due to which the inertial -speaking engine does in everyday life .

Financial information

In the prior art has no competition , is unique , according to the International Classification of Patenet , for him there is no classification .
Size acceleration transportations defined by the size of the radius by weight of said permanent built-in sample mass M1 . , With respect to said axis XY . rotation , spatial acceleration of 1g , r = approx . 2 m , the length of the propeller , lp . = approx . 4 m , while the acceleration currently possible to reduce the dimensions of the motor inertia , the nano size .
Can produce drive mass transportations m.2 . , Which is up to 1600 times the mass of permanently sample mass M1 . , The angular velocity of propeller about 200 r / min .
Not technologically demanding , and requires efforts in technological development .
To begin understanding CPPPP not need to go anywhere , call nitkoga , buy something , it's not very far, just reaching into your pocket , you must have a key in his pocket , and a strap on shoes and gentlemen experiment , you only need a good perception .
On demand , I send my study , ( which really does not reveal important details of the invention, but merely refers to its solution ) , it is referred to the preliminary draft of the prototype car , which can accelerate acceleration size 6g , 0-1200 km / h , for 4 seconds , to construct such a protootip , do not need anything but contrive to go to the factory and buy a ready-made linear motors , parts and fit them into the machine .
It is possible to relatively rapid introduction of the prototype into production , for approx . 6 months.
If you wish to participate in the sale as an agent, investor , all options are open , we talk .

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