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Energy saving faucet

[Category : - Bathroom]
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A faucet of the single handle mixing valve type. The faucet includes a housing having a domed housing cap enclosing a valve cartridge having an actuating stem movable along a vertical flow-control axis for varying water flow rate, and movable along a horizontal temperature-control axis for varying the temperature. A handle is connected to the actuating stem. A recess extends vertically along the outer surface of the domed housing cap. A releasable stop member is adapted to engage the recess when the handle is moved along the vertical flow-control axis in its cold water only position, and adapted: to release engagement upon application of a horizontal force. A ramp is located along the lower periphery of the domed housing cap outside of the cold water only position and is adapted to prevent the handle from being lowered into a full off position except when in the cold water only position.

This faucet has the potential to save tens of millions of BTUs, nationwide each year. In essence it keeps the user from inadvertently drawing unneeded hot water from the tank, when it is destined to just sit under the house and cool off. The only completely off position for the handle is in the lowest full cold (left) position. Upon raising the handle to get flow, the handle has a decided tendency to travel straight up, remaining 100% cold. In order to add hot water to the mix the user must give the handle a little nudge to the left, and then it operates like any other faucet. If the user is using hot water and lowers the handle to shut off flow, he notes that when the handle 'bottoms out', there is still a small flow and the handle is sliding to the right. Upon reach full right the handle drops into the 100% full cold position and is ready to again remind the user not to use hot water unless her really needs it.


Financial information

I will entertain any kind of serious offer. Outright purchase or front money plus royalties would be the most attractive.

This patent is going to give one major manufacturer a decided marketing advantage over the competition, and should bring a commensurately high price.

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