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automatic electric handbag for the collection of dog faeces

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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The present invention relates to a device for collection of excrement,
for example, excrement of dogs.
It is currently known the problem of collection of excreta of animals
domestic, and in particular of dogs, in urban centers.
 As is well known, in fact, the excrement deposited by animals in urban centers
and also in the appropriate areas of parks and gardens, must be collected and bagged
by their masters. The collection action is determined by strict laws.
For the collection of bird droppings were sold various devices,
such as gloves, forceps and the like.
 The prior art cited above, however, presents some important drawbacks.
In particular, the bagging and the collection does not obviate the smells produced by
droppings which indeed are sometimes increased by the accumulation of droppings in
a single trash container.
Furthermore, the collection and transport of excreta is not pleasant by
 of the masters.
In this situation the technical task underlying the present invention is to devise
a collection device of excrement in capable of substantially obviating
the aforementioned drawbacks.
 In the context of this technical task it is an important object of the invention a
collection device of excrement that makes easier the bagging of
own excrement.
Another important object of the invention is to obtain a collection device
of excrement that render them odorless.
A further object of the invention is to provide a device of excrement collection
to allow easy transport.
The technical task and the specified objects are achieved by the collection device
In fact, this device is the size of a bag, is prepared before you leave home loading the waste collection bag to his interno.Una Once the dog has done his needs you can simply place the device on the matter to collect and press the closing, at this point the canine faeces will be packaged in a completely automatic and hermetically sealed thereby preventing the leakage of feces odors cattivi.Le will closed and sealed inside the device and can be downloaded, seplicemente pressing a key on the first basket disponibile.Questo device allows you dog owners not to come in contact with feces in any way.

Financial information

The potential market to which this invention is directed and approximately 360,000,000 registered dogs around the mondo.Altro point in favor of this invention and that they need their bags to be working thus ensuring further business even bigger deriving by the constant sale of sacchetti.Questa invention has never been marketed.

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