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Measuring aid for mitered pieces and kit for same

[Category : - Tools]
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A securing device and method for assisting in the measurement of workpieces having mitered ends, including a clamp with two opposable arms for temporarily retaining the workpiece therebetween, including at least one arm extension providing a retaining edge to engage the distal end of a measurement tape at a reference point adjacent the distal end of a workpiece for measurement, the retaining edge receiving the end of a measurement tape allowing it to be withdrawn without slipping. A kit providing at least two of the arm extensions to be slidably attached over the arms of the clamp and providing a structure can retrofit a standard commercially available clamp, each of the mounting extensions include an arm receiving recess which can attach to the end of the arms of the clamp, the recess being shaped and configured to slidably engage the arm to hold the arm extension by interference fit.

Financial information

I am looking to sell my patent. It is a multi-tool application, being an aid for accurate measuring and a clamp. Anyone with a miter saw or needs to purchase clamp is a potential customer.

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