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Electromagnetic coupler system

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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This invention makes it possible to communicate through solid non-metallic walls or ceilings with low microwave power levels. RF beam forming couplers are driven by common LAN (Local Area Network) circuits. For connection to a LAN segment at the other side of a wall or ceiling, transceiver 4 transmits data modulated microwave RF to coupler 6 through a directional step attenuator 10. The reduced signal is received by the coupler system at the other side with a power level low enough to eliminate wireless detection from the outside and enabling the transmission through feet thick concrete walls or ceilings at wide band microwave frequencies with privacy.

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Open to any suggestion of purchase with or without production details. Also can be licensed.
See new models at by entering WallDataLink on top of web page and click on the pictures.
An antenna can be be wireless connected to the inside of a building. No holes, no cable, no power required. !00% lightning protection.
Large industrial potential for wireless sensor networks of refineries, gas and oil storage tanks, water processing plants, security networks etc. entering control buildings.

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