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CENTERLESS SAW DEVICE Professional Tool cutting Concrete

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Tools]
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This invention is allready on the market with other inventor its the dragonsaw....I am allowed to sell my patent to whom I wish, for the US market. Have a proven working model wich will be supplied with sale of patent. can be scaled up or down , one possibility is small 6 inch blade cutting 4 inches for example like a small angle grinder but with a centerless diamond saw blade diameters are virtually unlimited and so are the machines.. The drive is a scalable mechanisim its a pivoting counter rotating drive system with drive wheels on both sides of the blade and are constantly squeezing the blade for excellent torque with no slippage,
Also looking for active partner for the european market and the canadian market please search ''dragonsaw'' and ''centerless saw device'' you can also view the patent through this site.
the saw cuts up to 16'' deep with a 20'' blade uses a Diamond ring saw balde.

Financial information

Patent is for sale in USA 50K firm

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