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Foldable electric tricycle / chair / suitcase!

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Biking- Motors]
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A new invention to fill the hole in the current transportation system.
Perfect for daily travels! Can be easily taken onto trains/buses, rest on as a chair or store away at home. No need to worry about your bike being stolen or paying congestion charges! (well, if you are in London...)

Hopefully you would be able to open the YouTube link: Link , where you will see how this piece of magic is in action.

Please find the following specs of the Folding ElecTriCycle:
Weight- 2.4 KG
Power- 36V 15AH
Time to charge fully- 4hrs
Dimensions when folded as a suitcase - L50 x W22x H75
Weight - 19KG (with stainless steel frame. When in actual production with alloys, will reduce to 14-16KG)
Max load - 105 KG
Range on full charge - 18km when carrying 90KG load, 25km when carrying 50KG
Average speed - 15km/hour
Front wheel - 30cm diameter
Rear wheels - 25cm diameter
Time to fold/unfold - 5 seconds

Financial information

It is the new invention of my father. Unfortunately he broke his left leg last summer and had been confined for a good few months after his first operation. Out of this unfortunate event, he invented this tricycle. He has been riding it since on the road as part of his commute and also in and out of hospitals, with many people stopping him and asking where to buy one.
This is the first prototype just to show the mechanism, and is not good looking. The next step will be to identify the right partner who is interested in this product and can work with him to develop a range of cosmetically sound products that can be put on the market. Therefore a licensing with royalties is what we are looking for.

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