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Rotary piston machine

[Category : - Motors- Pumps]
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Rotary piston machine, it can be built in different sizes and versions,as an internal combustion engine with two- or four-strokes, as a Stirling engine, a pump or a compressor.
Rotary piston machine has a rotating piston attached to a motor shaft, with chambers in a cylindrical housing, equipped with a cylindrical bore in which the rotary piston works, the inside surface of the bore cylinder being divided equidistant from some drawers that slide in the guiding windows of the cylindrical housing, provided with some sealing rings. Depending on which is the desired practical function- be it an internal combustion engine in two- or four-stroke, a Stirling engine, a pump or a compressor - its drawers are arranged in a way which divides cylindrical housing interior, the interior form side covers that close cylindrical housing thus changing the profile of the rotary piston to the desired design for that particular function.
In the presentation as a practical function the engine of choice was an internal combustion engine with two strokes.
I hope you understand why I have not released a complete documentation and drawings.
Rotary pston machine, has several advantages:
- It’s a simple construction
- It has increased sealing rooms in which there’s high reliability of the machine
- The overall and specific weight is reduced
- The mechanical efficiency is increased
- Maintenance zero
- The thermal machine can be built to be encased thus raising its capacity to function on a longer period

Financial information

I'm am curently the owner of the Rotary piston machine patent published in 30.06.2014 on the Official Monitor of State for Inventions Bucharest(OSIM) series RO 126137 B1.
It can be viewed on the adress :Link

I am currently seeking investors and manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.
Interested persons can send me an e-mail to a contact listed at the bottom of this page.
I would also like to mention english is not my native language, I am sorry if there are any grammatical errors.

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