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Systems and methods are provided to facilitate a player re-entering a card game, even though they may have folded their hole cards on a previous turn in the card game. Conventionally, in traditional forms of community poker card games, once a player has folded their hand they are unable to take part in the game currently being played. Rather than folding their hand, a player can hold their hole cards with the possibility of returning to the game. By enabling a buy-back-in feature a player can re-enter the game to continue betting, etc. Further the sequence of game play can be altered compared with the conventional play. The card game can be played in a physical environment as well as a digital environment.

10 Reasons ,
Why This Patented Poker Card Game Exceeds Expectations and Results Over It's Competition .

1.) Blinds Are reversed

2.) Hold Your Folded Hole Cards

3.) Peak Penalty Goes To House / Host

4.) Re-Enter Hand Being Played After Folding Hole Cards ( not discarded cards )

5.) Larger Pots Created

6.) No More Strategy , Boredom , Bullying , Bluffing , Math Calculations of Odds & Probabilities

7.) Opens Doors To Millions Of Wannabe , Novice , and Beginner Poker Players Worldwide

8.) Increases Players Chances Of Winning

9.) More Hands Raked Per Hour

10.) Simplicity , Simplicity , Simplicity !

Financial information

Multiple Country Pct's Poker Patent US8,506,375

$ 3,000,000.00 Returns On Investment $ 15,000,000.00 In 18 Months Or Less !

$ 6,000,000.00 Returns On Investment $ 40,000,000.00 In 18 Months Or Less !

$ 10,000,000.00 License Fee Rights Per Country Annually !

$ 20,000,000.00 License Fee Exclusive Rights Per Country Annually !

$ 60,000,000.00 Sale price For 24 % Ownership !

$ 200,000,000.00 Sale Price For 100 % Ownership !

Serious Inquiries Only !

Contact Ken : w k r p _ 7 1 5 1 9 5 1 @ y a h o o . c o m

Call : 1-216-316-0262

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