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Device for converting kinetic energy

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Device for converting kinetic energy contained in a fluid, into mechanical energy, coupled to an either gaseous or liquid fluid mass outlet secondary conduit, constituted by a fixed main conduit receptor of said fluid mass and a movable conduit coaxially attached to an axial flow rotor and associated to an outer supporting frame, including this assembly a flange abutting with said fixed conduit
both conduits are assembled by a fitting device comprising a lid, sealing washers, bearings and retaining ring acting on spacing sleeves and a locking nut
the movable conduit attached to the rotor rotates along its axis and coaxial to said fixed conduit without a major axial displacement
within said rotor it is lodged a hub and a deflector capable of directing the fluid

Financial information

i would like to send my invention, i am not interesting in license with royalties.

i think that this ivention would be usefull for big companies that need a lot of energy to work and also any country, that the govermet or the army.

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