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Pharmaceutic Medicinal Value Calcs-Phytomedicine & Essential Oils

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Physicochemical properties of Plants, especially those that contain Essential Oils (individual compounds in the oil) for the use as bactericides, fungicides and virucides.
The properties of more essential oils have been evaluated experimentally and by QSAR to give a clear indication of the Pharmaceutical Medicinal Value and biological activity. These properties include Log P, lipophilicity, molar refractivity, parachor etc., (15 parameters). More over, the MIC and MCC data, structural and Temperature correlation for various pathogens are given. Now the phytomedicinal practitioner only needs have the mass fractions of materials in the phytomedicine and s/he will be able to identify the pathogen and the treatment data (SI units micro gram per milliliter etc.) will be available.
More over, advice is also given on the means of encapsulation which might cause heart-burn

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