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Pimple Puller AKA Blackhead Extractor

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This is a device that uses VACUUM to suck out pimple and blackheads. I made a rough one and had my Dr. try it on me and he was most impressed. As most people know Medical Doctors are forbidden from squeezing a pimple. The tools on the market are wholly inadequate for the task at hand. This tool can be used on animals as well. I will not be expensive to manufacture. The device can be used to extract GALL and KIDNEY STONES. With some special design it may be able to be used to extract nonmagnetic material from an eyeball.
I am asking that only trained people be allowed to use said device.
Bahr, Rex – 0911-3
Pimple Puller (Blackhead Extractor)
A handheld device with a conical, removable tip, configured to utilize suction generated from an
external and mild vacuum source, in order to remove detriment from an animal or human’s
pores, including, but not limited to pimples caused by acne, blackheads, or boils. The present
invention maintains a vacuum in a cylindrical handle located in a lateral chamber above the
battery cell, which is preferably used by a trained professional to remove detriment from pores in
an animal’s or individual’s skin, which are illuminated during extraction by a built in lamp.
In the present world of instant solutions and communications at the speed of light, few
individuals have the same degree of patience that people once had 100 years ago. Computers,
microwaves, and even bullet trains have made most of life faster, motivating people to
accomplish tasks quicker, or to get chores out of the way faster, in order to move on to more
relaxing or interesting activities. For example, the invention of the electric toothbrush partially
revolutionized the way individuals conduct dental hygiene. The dawn of the electric toothbrush
heralded a new method of in-house brushing that was both more effective than manual brushing,
and essentially required less time to get the job done. This frees time for the individual to move
on to eating breakfast sooner, or dropping the kids off at school.
Unfortunately, similar to dental hygiene, taking care of one’s skin can be a difficult, laborious,
and even painful task as well. Teenagers and even some adults are plagued with acne related skin
issues, often causing red bumps, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or other pus-filled skin
protrusions. The recommended avenue to resolve these skin blemishes is to remain patient,
waiting for the pimple or blackhead to pop or recede on its own. However, this is rarely the case.
It is far more common for a person to get impatient with the healing process, and attempt to pop
or deflate the pimple or other blemish far before the healing process is completed. This is
disadvantageous due to the increased risk of infection created by a forced break in the skin’s
surface, releasing contaminants that could spread an infection. Squeezing a pimple can force the
bacteria-containing fluids through the layers of the surrounding skin, facilitating the spread of
infection. Additionally, pimples should not be deliberately popped because of the increased risk
of creating a visible scar through the break in the skin. Despite these reasons, it is fairly common
for individuals to get impatient with the natural, slow healing process of these skin issues, and to
simply pop the protrusion deliberately in order to relieve the swelling and pain, or to simply for
aesthetics reasons.
Unfortunately, many times when individuals attempt to do this, the condition is often worsened.
The area surrounding the condition becomes red from skin irritation due to the violent skin
popping, be it through squeezing the protrusion, or through pushing down on it with the hand or
other blackhead removal tools. If there were a simple way in which individuals or animals could
have their skin protrusions popped, or to have the often painful pressure within them released,
while minimizing the risk of infection, relief could be experienced, and the healing process of
these skin issues could be expedited.
Thus, there is a need for a device that could easily extract detriment from an individual’s or
animal’s pores, providing relief of the pressure, without exasperating the condition and spreading
the infection.

Financial information

I would like a person to license this device then get them Mfg. and an international patent. As there is nothing on the market that even comes close to this device it should be worth a lot to a certain company. I am not greedy as I am old, 78 and I have one patent 6446422 and I need money to work on other patents. My book is Migraines and Me. If anyone is interested I suggest they contact me directly so we can work together on my other projects.

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