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Vent turbine generator

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A vent turbine generator. A generator mount is configured to couple to a top portion of a turbine base in turn configured to couple to a vent turbine. A threaded rod is configured to couple the vent turbine to a generator coupled to the generator mount. The rotational ratio of vent turbine to generator is one to one. A multi-device mount couples to the generator mount, partially encloses the generator, and receives a rectifier and inverter. A rectifier for access to the rectifier. An AC power plug couples the inverter to an electric deal outlet. The generator, rectifier, inverter and AC power plug are electrically connnected. When the vent turbine is rotated the vent turbine generator convertes the rotational energy into electricity which is supplied to the building
this one and only self contained residential generaor system designed to LOWER electric bills not remove them from the grid tied system. it took 8 years to perfect this and 5 years of testing on my home in mesa Arizona. IT WORKES I had three units on my home and lowered my bills an average of $80. per month. no wind in Ariz.
My wife died in August last year I now live in Ecuador on SSI am 72 years old and when i go patent will be lost, it is for sale I have 9 working units in storage in mesa ariz, manufacturing can be greatly reduced by volume. any engineer can answer the question about cogging, i removed it.
For a serious ofer and deposit I will come back to Ariz. and show and disclose secreet.look at patent it is just too easy. this system should sweep the world,no maintenance. one moving part that touches nothing, nothing to wear out.

thanks for looking Eddie

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