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Putting Optimizer High Contrast Ball Marker

[Category : - Golf]
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The Putting Optimizer High Contrast Ball Marker is vastly different than the traditional round ball marker. It is rectangular in shape. The dimensions are 1 1/4” by 7/8”. The face has two equally shaped and sized rectangular panels brightly colored surrounded by bright gold edging and backing. The top is coated with a thick, non yellowing, bartop urethane finish for beauty and durability.

When a golfer reaches the putting surface, he, by rule, marks his ball. This has historically been a coin, assuming due to convenience. However, in this day in age of “high optics” and lines on equipment for points of reference, the Putting Optimizer gives the golfer far more visual reference to read the putts and determine the line than the traditional round ball marker.

The only “competition” is Scotty Cameron’s ball marker which is, according to my comparison research, too bulky, too confusing, and too expensive.

I have 11 years left on this patent as of this date. It is a very restrictive design patent by nature, so it is very strong as designs go.

Financial information

The Market Potential:
The science behind this is genuine. This product has been tested with about 200 golfers in the Gainesville, Florida area with a 90% approval rating for sale at 20$ per unit. The market niche is real because the product is valid and there is no competition.

There are 40 million golfers in the US and the UK with 30 million more world wide. The product costs of manufacturing and packaging is approximately 5$ to have it made in the United States. Having it be made in the United States would be preferable and having our own knock off products made in china or elsewhere.

My research tells me that this can be sold for 15-20$ US currency in the US and UK. It can be marketed with limited success on the internet, but the maximum market can be reached using the Golf Channel. Those costs are of course much higher, but my advertising company, Ad Services of Ft. Lauderdale estimates are 150K$ for 10 months of ads including making a video commercial.

I have a website to be finished approximately November 1, 2013.

I am looking for a cash plus royalty sale or some kind of investment partnership.

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