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Multi point contactor and blade construction

[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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A multi point contactor (MPC) on a component testing system for electrically contacting a terminal on a device under test (DUT) includes at least three independently moveable contacts to help insure at least two of them contact the DUT terminal. At least one of the contacts includes an integral spring, preferably in the form of a blade laser machined from a sheet of electrically conductive material to include a first portion for bearing against the contact-holding structure, a second portion for bearing against the terminal on the DUT, and a third portion interconnecting the first and second portions that functions as an integral spring bias for spring biasing the second portion from the first portion toward the terminal on the DUT.
Preferably, the third portion of the blade has a serpentine shape that consistently results in desired constant-force spring characteristics over a nominal range of blade travel.

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