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Athleticism Maximized:Training Tool Used by Pro Athletes

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Through its multi-directional bio-mechanical design, TRI-STRETCH® allows interaction of the joints and lengthening of the muscles in all three planes of movement..replicating the exact manner in which the muscles get stretched when you run, walk or exercise.

In addition, TRI-STRETCH® allows for just the right amount of instability to allow for successful dynamic balance and strength training of the lower extremity and core. TRI-STRETCH® adds instability in two unique ways: 1-providing a greater challenge without risking injury from too much instability and 2-ability to challenge the lower extremity and core in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.

TRI-STRETCH® is not only a piece of training equipment, TRI-STRETCH® comes with one of a kind content for sports specific functional training written by an orthopedic physical therapist with extensive knowledge and experience in functional training and rehabilitation.

The Result: advanced training possibilities for all of your athlete’s needs from improving sports performance to rehabilitation of injuries.


1. Tri-planar
- Designed to allow for lower leg driving over foot replicating how the calf is stretched in walking and running compared to other stretching devices which does not replicate function by rocking the foot under the leg

- Rearfoot Rocker to allow frontal plane rocking: unlocking the transverse plane.
- Forefoot Wedges to Replicate Ground Reaction Forces which occur in running, walking and jumping

2- Portable: weight less than 3#

3- All in one device that is used for
-Functional Stretching for calf, hamstring, and hip

- Functional Strengthening Device for the lower extremity and core

- Dynamic Warmup Device with content for numerous sports

- Functional Sports Training Device with content to improve performance including golf and pitching programs.

-recreational athletes
Little League baseball players

-Professional and Collegiate Athletes
Already being used by athletes of the NBA, NFL, MLB, WTA, NHL

-Rehabilitation of Injuries and Sports Performance
physical therapists
athletic trainers
strength and conditioning coaches

Financial information

I am an orthopedic/sports physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach. I have developed and brought to market the above product. It has been successful at the highest levels; being used by professional and collegiate athletes across the world and across all sports.
I am looking for a license deal with royalties but will consider an outright sale.
My product is trademarked and the patent includes the model that is already on the market and a "commercial/facility" model that I have the prototype for but has not been put on the market.
There is also extensive intellectual property including dvds and sport specific training programs. You can visit my website at Link

This is a product that is on the forefront of functional training and has proven itself to be a valid training tool . What it needs now, is a company that can "take it and run with it" so that it is mass marketed. The potential is unlimited.

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