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Cooking implement with handle storage feature

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Cooking]
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A cooking implement is disclosed which is comprised of a hollow sheath and a utensil, wherein the utensil can be stored within the hollow sheath. The utensil can be a fork, knife, spoon, skewer or any myriad of other types of utensils. The sheath serves as both a storage compartment for the utensil, and when coupled to the end of the utensil, serves as an elongate handle which allows the user to stand back a safe distance while manipulating food items over flames and smoke. When the utensil is stored within the hollow sheath, the implement is very compact and can fit easily in a portable cooler or the like for later use at a barbeque, camping event or any other outdoor cooking venue. The implement also has a hanger to allow it to be hung at any desired cooking location by the user.

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