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Handy-Kitchen, pneumatically powered cabinets, etc.

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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One power center, which is the combination of a pneumatic power source (32) and low voltage electric power (52) executes movement of numerous cabinets, shelving units, and compartments. Each individual design is different depending on the users wants and needs. The embodiments primary, but not only purpose of design, is to improve the lives of people with various handicaps. Further, it utilizes upper areas of high ceilings for all persons, which will give an overall benefit to those businesses whom would use extra space. Additionally, the unique design is economical for consumers and provides a level of safety. The design also improves noise impact and therefore is environmentally friendly. Use of low voltage electric power system (52), as a part of proposed embodiment, opens avenues for future inclusion of alternative power sources. As of now, solar and wind energy is readily available.

The name Kitchen, was selected for simplicity. Purpose of the dash behind "kitchen", is to indicate, that we are working on aplications of the same principle in other spheres, i.e. commercial, industrial, etc.

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The invention was not previously marketed.

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