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Sports bottle and bottle carrier for bicycle use

[Category : - Biking]
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The disclosed sports bottle has a liquid-tight body with a top wall defining a fill opening that can be closed by a removable cap. The fill opening is angled between 20 and 40 degrees relative to its circumferential wall, allowing nearly complete bottle filling with the bottle tilted, such as when filling from a drinking fountain with low water jet. A downwardly open hook formed off of the body near the its top, in close proximity with the longitudinal axis and laterally spaced from the fill opening, can suspend the bottle in a substantially upright leak-proof orientation, and within reach of an exerciser while on and possibly even using exercise equipment. A thermal chiller pack fits into the bottle interior via a bottom wall opening, being removably sealed as a unit in the bottle. The chiller pack has a solution sealed therein that can be cooled to freezer temperatures without solidifying or leaking from the pack, suited to be sealed to the bottle to keep the bottle liquid chilled for an extended duration.

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