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Method of torque conversion with conservation of energy

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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This is a project of mechanical machine, which allows smoothly change rpm ratio between input and output while at work, with principle of conservation of energy (no loss of power) while changing the ratio.

This Torque Converter (later called TC, US Patent # US8359854) truly provides torque conversion by decreasing or increasing torque coming from the engine.

It follows this formula:

Output rpm = input rpm * ratio
Output torque = input torque / ratio

Let say for example that we have an engine turning with speed 2000rpm and output torque 1000lbsFt, if this engine is connected to our TC and
this TC:

is set to ratio 1 : 1 then on the output will be: 2000rpm and 1000lbsFt
if is set to ratio 1 : 1.1 the on the output will be: 2200rpm and 909lbsFt
if is set to ratio 1 : 0.9 then on the output will be: 1818rpm and 1100lbsFt


ratio for our TC can be set to:

any number : any number

including negative numbers.

For example:

if the ratio is set to 900 : 0 then engine is idling 900rpm and output from TC is 0rpm. At this moment, vehicle is standing and wheels are locked (this prevent vehicle from rolling while is standing up or down hill).
if ratio is set to 2000 : -10 (minus 10) engine is turning 2000rpm and wheels are turning 10rpm backwards. Vehicle is going reverse.

As this example shows, our TC behaves like a transmission with infinite amount of gears. Engine can be hold on steady most efficient rpm and vehicle can be accelerated or decelerated only by changing ratio of TC. This works in all rpm range.
At the beginning of movement of vehicle from standing position, TC is set to: any number : 0 (any number - because it depends on how much acceleration is being depressed and what is current engine rpm), then 0 starts to increase itself towards positive or negative numbers. TC is providing to the wheels theoretically at that moment ∞ amount of torque, then torque decreases itself progressively with increasing speed of the vehicle.

Our TC fully eliminates need for transmission. It can be connected from one side to the engine and the other directly to the wheels.

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