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more rich information than google maps

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Navigation and orientation- Security and alarms]
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In developing countries, for example china, india, indonesia etc., people who travel through public transit are often suffered from too crowded vehicles, wasting too much time to wait for the upstream buses, being worried to be stolen unfortunately, or/and the terrible smell from someone who is in dirty status or eating food in the bus.

In many cases, if passengers know what status of the coming buses, they can select the proper buses and catch them at proper time. Modern mobile bus apps based on GPS on the buses such as google maps etc., can not satisfy such demands for dynamic information about coming buses, for most buses have not been equipped by GPS devices because the public bus company can not afford the huge costs, even if GPS devices have been installed on the buses in some cities, they only supply information of where buses have arrived at, without any other information that can help passengers choose proper buses and time.

A new technology has solved this problem. It supplies bus passengers with rich information about the coming buses. What is more, this technology does these without any special equipment installed on buses such as GPS or camera, except that a passenger who use it to query should have just a mobile that can be connected into internet, so anyone or companies that operate it are completely independent of the bus operation units.

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The market of this technology is huge enough. In single Beijing, there are 5 billion passenger journal to take public transit. In china, there are 70 billion passenger journal annual in the public transit. In the world, according population ratio, there are 4x70 billion passenger journal to be served by this tech in the theory, even if the 5 percent of that quantity is 14 billion potential calls to our server. What is more, bus stops that lie the core of our tech, also the most active economic places in cities.

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