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New Unique Wet Shaving Razor

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This is a revolutionary new wet shaving razor. The design is completely novel; it does not have any analogs in the world. This simple and powerful design is based on a novel concept of regulated blade tension. This feature allows for a closer and more comfortable shaving experience.

The razor is inexpensive in manufacturing and could be mass-produced quickly and in a variety of appealing modifications.

Please see graphic renditions of three such versions of the patented razor.

Financial information

The patent owner, a US patent-holding company, is in need of an experienced and reliable partner interested in entering the US and world markets with this new wet shaving razor. Per our consultant, major market players like Gillette are not likely to manufacture such a razor as it would cannibalize sales of their existing products. Our business consultant, a New York University professor, estimated potential annual sales to exceed $30 Million in the US alone.

We are an invention-sourcing company and as such we are not involved in manufacturing or marketing. We just look for new inventions, obtain rights and patent them. We would like to sell the invention outright. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right person or entity.

We filed the US and PCT patent applications and expect to obtain patents worldwide.

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