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Needle Bearing Hinge Assembly

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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Disclosed is an enclosed needle bearing hinge mechanism having externally rotatable race surfaces, internal needle bearings, an internal pathway for introducing grease into the assembly for improved lubrication, reduced wear and a construction adapted to support large door or latch loads. The assembly comprises a housing having at least one needle bearing in contact with an outer rotating race, stationary or counter-rotating interior races, a central pin shaft and an internal pathway for lubrication to be communicated from a topmost grease fitting to the contact interface between the needle bearing and outer rotating race. One or plurality of needle bearing assemblies and counter-rotating outer races may be present within the assembly, each with an independent grease pathway branch.
The pathway comprises a hollow internal conduit that allows lubricant to contact each needle bearing in the assembly, reducing friction and improving longevity of the hinge bearing assembly.

Financial information

What i have here with the right manufacture will be the first and last door hinge you will ever need to buy . with internal needle bearings doing all the heavy lifting and grease-able fittings to improve bearing/hinge life and function , this will surely (with proper care) be the last door hinge you will need . it could be used in numerous automotive applications , but what we have in mind is more of the Big Rig and classic auto's . Would like to sale out completely or sale royalties .

Contact me directly , i am the inventor and no need to go through 10 people to talk to who you need to talk to . my Email is [Use the button below to contact me] but you will have more look with picking up the phone and call me at 865 803 6942

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