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U.S. Pat. 8,589,789 and 8,667,421: WEBPAGE BRANCH NAV.

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Computers and computer accessories - Navigation and orientation]
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I am selling two patents: U.S. Pat. No. 8,589,789 (issued Nov. 19, 2013) and U.S. Pat. No. 8,667,421 (issued March 4, 2014). The patents relate to multi-branch webpage navigation.

Specifically, the patents cover methods for handling multi-branch webpage navigation. This refers to where a user links from a source webpage to a number of other webpages. Whereas, conventionally, the “forward” button can be used to re-navigate only the last page linked to from the source page, my patents cover methods of re-navigating other branches as well.

My patents include independent claims to two different concepts for such navigation.

Some claims cover a scenario where an “up” (and/or “down”) button is also provided. After using the forward button, the “up” (and/or “down”) button can be used to jump to other branches.

Other claims cover an interactive visual representation of such multi-branch navigation, by which a plurality of electronic rolodexes are displayed, one for each hierarchical level, where each rolodex includes a reference (e.g., a thumbnail) to a previously visited page. The last page visited at that hierarchical level is in the foremost position of the rolodex, and the pages to which the user had previously navigated from that page in the foremost position are further referenced in the next e-rolodex of the next lower hierarchical level, and so on. The user can spin each rolodex or otherwise change which page is in focus in the respective rolodex. By doing so, all rolodexes of hierarchical levels that are lower than the one that has been manipulated change as well.

Financial information

I am looking to either sell the patents outright or license them with royalties and/or lump sum payments.

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