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The Street game, collecting...

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The game is designed for children from 5 years old, but it can play and adults.

In this game you can play both at home and on the street. The main thing that was under his feet a piece of smooth floor.

With proper marketing can get to play the game of children and even adults all over the earth.

This game of gambling and it can be used Collectibles

More detailed information can be see: Link and


The commercial aspect of the game

1. "Magic Wars" game by its rules is easy and it contains an element of competition, it will be interesting to children from 5 to 12 years. But depending on how popular it gets, in the end it can be played by older people.
2. "Magic Wars" game does not have any ethnic and religious restrictions. Therefore, it can be successfully marketed in any country in the world.
3. Low cost of game production. Plus plastic chips will eventually break down and lose, and it will provide additional purchasing demand from players.

4. Playing set of "Magic Wars" may be of 2 types:
1) Consist of a single combat unit of the same color (9 soldiers, 3 knights, 1 mage, 1 king). Retail price of such set can vary from 5 to 10 dollars, depending on the country in which it is sold.
2) Set of 4 combat units of primary colors (Blue, Green, Red, White) for the game of 4 people. The cost of such set can be correspondingly from 20 to 40 dollars.
In both cases, the cost is quite reasonable for parents with different income levels in different countries.
5. Combat troops of Space Pirates, Custodians and Wanderers – these are additional participants of "Magic Wars" game, so these play sets can be sold more expensive, because they will mainly be used for collecting.

6. Collection chips can be used in the implementation of other advertising and commercial projects, such as:
1) To play the game "Magic Wars" there can be created a Fantasy world, which can be used for other projects as an independent business, as well as for conducive to the development of the popularity of "Magic Wars" game. There can be created an animated series, comic books, etc.
2) Collectible chips can be toys for McDonalds, Kinder Surprise, etc.

7. To implement the gameplay players require playground 1 – 2 m/2. Such sites can be set at children's play areas, (in or) near supermarkets, children's recreation centers, etc., involving advertising sponsors.

Financial information

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