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Torque converter transmission

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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An automatic transmission consisting of a housing to support multiple torque converters in series with each other. The housing is used to align the converters, direct the output of the first converter to the second and so on. The housing also provides paths for the fluid to enter and leave the converter and to operate the lock-up feature of each converter. The output of each torque converter turbine is fed to the next torque converter so that the next converter can further act on the ratio as needed until the final output is fed to a gear set to provide a reverse gear or locking mechanism.

This invention, for example with three torque converters, provides an eight to one torque ratio. When in full lock up it has no drag and has a one to one ratio. This allows the final drive of the vehicle to be numerically low in the place of more gears normally used to provide an overdrive. All of this helps to reduce friction and improve efficiency.

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