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[Category : - Tools]
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A revolutionary lighter for vaporizing or smoking.

See demo videos at Link

Smoking kills. That's why there are so many kinds of vaporizers on the market.

This invention made vaporizing as easy as smoking, it works better than any vaporizers on the market.

Use lighter flame to smoke is a big mistake. Flame contains lighter fuel, inhale lighter fuel in the flame is harmful to health, and the nasty taste of butane will ruin your weed or tobacco.

Use vaporization lighter to vaporize is as easy as smoke, lit and inhale vapor.

Use vaporization lighter to smoke, you will not inhale lighter fuel in the flame, it is healthier and taste better.

Financial information

The Vaporization Lighter is every smokers dream tool.


I use 200 home made Vaporization Lighter per year to vaporize tobacco and weed. Every smoker will use it just like me if it is on the market.

Looking For:

1) An Outright Sale.

2) A Licensing Agreement with Royalty.

-Not Previously Sold.

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