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MyPatent Beats Tesla &All Others, Our Future

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Hi, Thanks For looking and yes inventions like this is why your gas prices have come down lately but they are to late. ( NEW Response This Day 1-1-2015 By Raymond E Perry) Yes I will answer some questions asked lately ,yes the First I built , 1980 electric car was a 1978 Volkswagen Electric Long Distance Car and yes I got over 1000 Miles on one charge the first try . (And yes my patent products will make (all) Racecars run FASTER at TOP end SPEEDS and Yes Nascar ,and Regular Cars you drive everyday. To you building cars, buyers sellers and investors .The first companies that want to buy, lease or invest will get a good deal I mean very ,Very ,because I want to see this in the market place get started and see this help the builders and the buyers the public , Will sell or lease or cash or trade for something and not have to depend on BIG OIL. With all my ideas and patents I Increased Battery life distance on a vehicle By (80%) We don't have to depend on big OIL countries anymore now. ( And the cost to build this car Is LESS than what you spend today so you can charge the same price to build and make more money and the public get better millage on gas and electric vehicles ,big and small and old, new ).
(The Gage 200 Patent) Raymond E. Perry Inventor, Owner, The First Electric Car Builder with the Highest Battery or gas millage in the World, PAT -8,397,852 =GREEN
((( I Have One Word In My Patent That Can Change The Worlds Way We All Travel And Never Ever Have To Use more Than 30% of Gas again that we all were Burning ) . (((AND IF Anyone Out There In The Electric Car Building Business Can Beat My Electric Cars In Millage Bring It On Anytime And Anywhere My name is Raymond E. Perry, from Kenly, North Carolina, I Am Not Hard To Find )))) Look up the word Gage in the Dictionary US and British version means (Throw one Glove Down I Challenge You) started this invention in 1975. I filled for a patent pending in 2001, and received a full patent on March 17, 2013. I had two test drives done for the PTO and patent lawyer , info is on the patent ,I am ready to unveil this new technology to the builders or whom may be interested and todays auto owners and help the automotive market .I am not a big company I am just a small town country boy and construction worker carpenter is my main trade and can do most anything and working on this patent for 39 + years. I built my first electric car in 1980. I perfected the patent (GAGE 200) by building 3 prototypes (2 cars, 1 truck) in my own back yard. The gage 200 patent product has reached previously 200 miles per gallon. Using multiple power source system for propelling vehicles in the future.And I built a electric truck that got over 1000 miles on one charge the first try and can Easley get a lot more if I had the time. And small a part of the patent can be used to increase gas mileage on cars we drive today, and current electric vehicles. Everybody is working on longer lasting batteries and all they got to do is just use (air) free air an increase by 54.8% (See Patent) and some vehicles a lot more. All the car builders from the first to the last car built they all have been installing the fan blades on the wrong side of the radiator you have to put the fan in front of Radiator to get air impact like a windmill a windmill works on land and it works even better driving down the road at 60 miles per hour yes I done it first and I got a patent on this idea and more. The auto builders of the world have waited to the last minute to build alternative vehicles for us but I started working on this sense I started driving and I am 684 months old .Electric cars need to be built like the gas cars we have I built a town car and a travel car ,you only need one battery in one of my cars. Along the way for 37 years I could see what car owners would like to have on the car they own , power, fuel efficiency and better emission count. One aspect of the Gage 200 patent takes the combination of Gas, Air, Generator, and Electric motor inputs. This combination has had results of 200 miles per gallon. I figured out that I wanted to engineer a car that can use both electricity and gasoline more efficiently, or apply both in one. Anyone using my technology will see increased life span and better mileage to an electric and gas powered vehicle. All of the racing industry would see great advantages with my patent. And, on a larger scale the eighteen wheelers that move most of America’s goods would see incredible savings in MPG and reduced stress on large diesel motors that power them. I can only imagine the amount of diesel fuel a large trucking company buys each year. I’m sure some spend millions of dollars. I can only imagine what the dollar amount saved would be, Just getting started again on selling this product so if you or someone you know can sell something like this please call or email me and I will pay a Broker fee to seller and continue on this site also. I know with my many patent products in this Patent, I would greatly help travel and the threat we are approaching with the fuel we all need and all this adds to the green planet we need to keep. And you can just type on the web (Raymond PerryGage200) to see more and my prototype cars and trucks. Just call my CELL 919-915-2630 or Email

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