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Universal drive safe breath alcohol tester without mouthpiece

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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All drive safe breath alcohol tester use mouthpieces.
As a result, anyone can breath in it (not necessary the driver) and the vehicle starts.
This product analyses "air quality" in front of the driver continuously: so no possible trick.

Remote active apparatus for detecting the alcoholic, smoke, or other chemical or natural product level, negatively impairing the psychophysical state of a person driving a vehicle, comprising at least one emitting or detecting sensor and a receiver, such as a remote control unit or element, for acquiring and processing signals from the sensor. The apparatus comprises anti-intruder control means, adapted to short-circuit the system and prevent its start-up when the inlet opening of the detecting sensor is obstructed
said start-up prevention occurs when it is closed one or more molecules sucking fans. The apparatus further comprises a stationary fast-release device, arranged behind the emitter adapted to release it in case of an acceleration increase caused by an impact of the vehicle and against the driver. The apparatus comprises warning and engine-shut-off means which are turned on when the detector and/or the receiving sensor are tampered, by acting as an anti-theft device which opens the electric circuit of the vehicle. Further characteristics are specifically described in the following. The apparatus can provide the connection to an associated interphone communicating with a company or the family (of the hand-free type) and vice versa. The apparatus, as required, can provide the connection to a camera, for observing the driver state.

Financial information

The deal has to be negotiate according to the model (outright sale or licence) and the economics.
The market is potentially worldwide all the more than it is not limited to vehicles: trains, airplanes, building site machines and excavators could be a market too.

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