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[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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New floor system with improved flexibility for wiring, piping and sewer systems allowing modification and easy reconfiguarion of buildings during their usage. Complementary; allowing dry mouting and floor heating in an easy and efficient way.

A floor element (6) for floor construction in a building (4), comprising a main support region (8)with lowered flanges (22) along opposite first edges (14, 15) that are supportable by an underlying structure (38) of the building (4). The floor element (6) has reinforcement structures (18) provided on or in the bottom surface (12) of the main support region (8), and extending along the support region (8) from one first edge (14) to the other first edge (15). The top areas (24) of the flanges (22) are sufficiently lowered over a first distance (D1)with respect to the top surface (10) of the floor element (6) so as to provide a channel region (28) with a length (L) delimiting a gutter for conduits (32) and/or wiring, the first distance (D1)and the length (L)being in the range of 50 -250 mm.

Financial information

Looking for an outright sale. Market potential is especially usefull for growth markets where economies of scale are higher and functions of buildings may vary for the future.

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