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Guitar pitch stability system with saddle clamps

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This invention improves guitar pitch stability and requires no modifications to a guitar or any of its parts. It is a low profile design which pertains in particular to Fender Stratocasters or any electric guitars with a similar bridge plate and tone block design. This invention does basically two things. First, the guitar strings are rerouted giving a much softer string bend past the string saddles (similar to Gibson guitars) which significantly reduces string drag (friction) at the saddles. After "dive-bombing" downward or going upward in pitch via the tremolo arm (as with a Stratocaster), the guitar returns to its original pitch when the tremolo arm is released. Second, readjustable saddle clamps are used which hold and lock all six string saddles together in position and to the bridge plate after string height and intonation adjustments have been made.

Financial information

I am interested in either selling the patent rights or licensing agreements on this patent (US Patent No.: 8,344,231).

This invention has not previously been sold or marketed.

This patent is applicable to Fender Stratocasters and any other electric guitars with a similar bridge plate and tone block construction.

I recently posted a demo video of this patent on Youtube. To see it, go to my website Link to get further information. Follow the instructions there to view the video.

Thanks to All

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