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Super Healer (Patented)

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Beauty, clothes & personal articles- HEALTH]
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Sunning and grounding.
What is grounding: “Syncing your bare toes into wet grass, dirt, sand, or water is the latest trend in wellness. Known as “earthing” or “grounding,” when skin comes into contact with the ground, the human body becomes a sponge that soaks up negatively-charged electrons from the earth.” You can find this from google.
Only grounding is not enough. With a potential around us, electrons will come into us much faster, this charging will become millions of times stronger.
This device supplies these potential and grounding, and shield Electromagnetic interfere in our environment.

Normally, we have a potential in our planet within the ionosphere, when it is very sunny and no cloud and no wind and in a very open area, ionosphere can apply a very good influence on us. But unfortunately, a lot of factors will isolate us from this ionosphere and earth to charge us, for example, big trees, building, poles, thunderstorm rod, electric power cables, and electrical or electronic device, concrete and metal roofing, large generators and so on.
Without ultraviolet light, this device supplies you a fair weather environment of sunning.
With a nice natural rhythm, this device supplies a seasonally change and keep you synchronizing with the universal enviroment.

These guilds will be a direction for organs and cells of the human being, thus it can heal different diseases,like cancer, sub health, diabetes, hypertension, low blood pressure, arthritis, stroke, Anti-Aging, Hypochondriac Pain, Asthma, Headaches, Low Back Pain (Lumbago)?insomnia. Thus can keep in good health condition, improve health condition and lead to longevity.
This sunning and grounding is match the Easton culture about balance of Yin and Yang or synchronizing with the universal environment.
These devices can be carried by each person, can be installed inside living dwelling, beds, offices, cars. In the main countries like United States, Australia, India, China, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada, if this is a market rate of 10%, the profit would be huge as 1885 Trillion US dollars.

Financial information

Up for sale is 75% interest of my Patent for 9,900,000US$. A device can supply essential bio-electronic signal for human being thus can heal different diseases.