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Guitar Pick: makes 6-stringed guitar sound like a 12-string

[Category : - Music]
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An improved guitar pick or plectrum for use with a stringed musical instrument. The improved pick has a substantially planar central gripping portion and at least one and not more than four substantially planar picking wing portions peripherally extending, one each in a respective different longitudinal direction from the central gripping portion. In application, only one of the wing portions may be used at any one time. The wing portions can include an end surface having a different jagged or serrated picking edge formed of at least two and not more than four peak members adapted for strumming or plucking the strings of a stringed instrument so that each of the peak members strike the string in rapid sequence.

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Market Potential = huge --> This patented guitar pick makes a six-stringed guitar sound like a twelve-stringed guitar and a twelve-stringed guitar sound like a 24-stringed guitar. The sound of the guitar changes exponentially.

This patent controlls the rights/design to three seperate guitar picks:

A guitar pick with four points.
Point #1: one plectrum
Point #2: two plectrums
Point #3: three plectrums
Point #4: four plectrums

A second guitar pick with three plectrums
A third guitar pick with four plectrums

Specific conditions for the sale: all offers/counter-offers placed in writing.

Other pieces of intellectual property: none

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