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Simulative sports cap kit

[Category : - AMUSEMENT SPORTS- Headwear- Football]
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The sports cap kit includes a sports cap with a primary symbol representing a favored sports team attached to the cap above a visor thereof. The primary symbol has a normally open mouth including a movable jaw. At least one smaller, removable, secondary symbol representing an opposing team engages within the open mouth and the lower jaw is moved to create a chewing action, the interaction between the two symbols sending a message that the favored team will "chew up" or dominate the opposing team. Does not require movable jaw.

Financial information

I have been looking for someone to manufacture this but there are laws against it if they dont have rights. I am looking for somebody to buy it or make it. The guy who made the cheese head hat made a million - why cant we?(or you) How about a Patriot with a piece of cheese in his mouth or Matthews with a patriot in his mouth! Or a Seahawk - Or a Colt? Well that's a little old. How about a Blackhawk with a bolt of lightning in its mouth?

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