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Personal identification for improved hygiene 4 of 4

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A personal identification method and system for improving personal hygiene in which provision is made for identifying a beverage, food product, or the like, with a particular person so that another person does not inadvertently access the identified item unintentionally. Identifying indicia such as numbers or alphabetical letters are selectable and conditioned by the user to be prominently displayed on the item so as to identify it with the individual involved. For necked beverage containers, in one embodiment, a re-usable snap-on display device, or assembly, is configured to snap onto the neck of the container in another embodiment, the existing conventional cap-attaching ring is modified to include alpha-numeric indicia and/or to receive a cooperating indicia-indicating display element. For beverage cans, a wandl-like element portraying selectable alpha-numeric indicia is attached to the conventional snap ring opener
and for boxed beverages, a plurality of selectable identifying apertures are provided so that the user can personally distinguish his or her beverage from those of others.

Simply attend a two-year-old's birthday party and you'll see where the idea was born for the Cootie-Stopper(TM) brand of patented identification methods and systems.

Having participated in many of these types of events as a parent I was always amazed at
how each child's nose could produce its own unique shade of green! Yuck!

With the world getting smaller, the parties bigger and Viruses Stronger I figured it was time to address this problem and provide children, and adults alike, a method by which they may readily and reliably identify whose beverage is whose.

Although initially sought as a solution to children sharing boxed or pouched juices, the
Cootie-Stopper(TM) concept quickly expanded to include bottle caps and cup lids.

Financial information

This patent applies to the $490 Million U.S. Dollar disposable cup lid market.

I would like to move/sell this patent in any way possible for a bargain price.

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